Delete, Duplicate or Edit Compositions

There are several actions that can be performed after a Composition is published.
  1. Delete Composition
  2. Duplicate Composition
  3. Edit Composition (change title, size, Skin, content, details)

Delete Composition

To delete a Composition you can browse to the Composition's page, and click the Actions button. There you have the Delete option.

Alternatively, you can also click on the corresponding trash icon in the Compositions page in your account.

Or on the widget's page used to create the Composition.

  • All data and statistics will be lost for this Composition, and if the Composition is embedded on other websites, the users won't be able to see it. Instead, they will see the Oops notification (similar notification shown when a host is not whitelisted).

Duplicate Composition

To duplicate a Composition you can follow the same steps as for deleting a Composition. The only difference is that you'll click on the duplicate icon located near the trash icon.

  • A duplicated Composition shares the same Skin, Content and Details as the original Composition. 
  • If you alter the Skin and overwrite it, any Compositions using the Skin will be affected.
  • If you alter the Content or Details of a duplicated Composition, only the duplicated Composition will be affected.

Edit Composition

After you create a new Composition by publishing it, the publish button in the Editor will be inactive. If you want to make any changes to your Composition from this point on, you can Edit it.

To Edit a Composition, all you need to do is go to the Composition's page, and hit the Edit Composition button. Alternatively you can click on the title of the Composition, or change the size of the Composition to enter in Edit Mode.

  • Any changes will be saved once you hit the Done Editing button.
  • If you are currently editing a Skin, and you didn't save the changes, you will be prompted to save / reset the Skin first.
  • An updated Composition is updated in real time wherever it is embedded.
  • Even though the size can be altered on the Composition's page, ultimately the size that is taken into account is the one you use in the Embed Code. You need to update the Embed Code used on your hosts, if you want a different size to be used.
  • To indicate that the Composition is in Edit mode, the color of the header changes to yellow (the same color used when a new Composition is created)
  • If you update the Content / Details by adding / removing items, the Composition will be updated in realtime across all embeds when saved.

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