Finding the right Widget

On Widgetic you have access to a diversity of widgets to engage your users. To find the widget that is right for you, start with the content.

What type of content do you primarily want to share? There are 4 types of content to choose from: photo, audio, video and utility (everything else). We'll explain each below.


Any widget is built around it's main content type, which we call the main attribute. All widgets have a main attribute.

  • An audio player's main attribute is AUDIO. An audio player can also have other types of content - for example each song might have an image associated to it. To find the right widget for your content though, make sure you're looking for the main attribute. In this case it would be AUDIO.


There are 4 widget categories on Widgetic based on their main attribute, by which you can filter the widgets.

To know in which category your widget might be, check the table below.
Categories File Types
PHOTO jpg, jpeg, png, gif
UTILITY  text, links
After you filter the widgets to a specific category, feel free to check all widgets in that category to find the one that works with your site's design. Make sure to also check the Preset Skins for every widget, or create your own Skins.

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