Widgetic 101

How it works

Widgetic makes it easy for anyone to design and publish custom widgets.

Widgets allow you to engage users directly on your website. You have a couple of different widgets to choose from: photo galleries, audio and video players, maps, countdown timers, news tickers, and many more.

We'll explain how they work, and link you to our setup guides. It is important to understand a few terms that we are going to use throughout this guide, so please take a moment to familiarise yourself with them below.
Terms Definitions
Widget A widget is any object you can copy and paste into a webpage through a snippet of code.
Editor The Editor allows you to customize a widget, by selecting a skin or a preset, adding content, editing the details and generating the associated code for embed.
Input Controller An input controller is part of the Editor and it allows the user to change a specific property of a skin. For example the ColorPicker Input Controller changes colours.
Skin  A set of properties specific to each widget (settings, colours, etc).
Skin Preset  A predefined Skin, created by the administrators, which is available to all users.
Live Preview  The area on the left of the Editor, where the selected widget is being customized and displayed.
Composition  A composition represents any widget in it's ready to use form: has a custom/preset skin, has content, has details, and an embed code associated. To create a composition, use the Editor (COMPOSITION = SKIN + CONTENT + DETAILS ). 
Browser Source  A browser source is a web service where the user can host his content. For example Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Main Attribute  Each widget is built around a specific type of content, which we call the main attribute. There are 4 main attribute types: (PHOTO: .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.gif, AUDIO: .mp3, VIDEO: .mp4, UTILITY: text, links). This is why there are 4 categories of widgets on Widgetic, each corresponding to a main attribute. A photo gallery's main attribute is PHOTO. An audio player's main attribute is AUDIO, even if each song would have an image associated with it.
Impressions  Impressions is the number of times a composition is seen by visitors to your site.

Ready to set up a Widget? Get details on setup in this handy guide.

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